Flypaper thoughts Valentine’s Day version

Hello my readers, both new and those who have followed me here from my now retired, but still available, sewing blog. Here is a personal update.

  • Well what do you know?
  • I have cancelled three flights in the last year to see my boys in the US
  • But was there in the fall and be back in the spring
  • Honestly
  • That’s all there is to say about that
  • So where have I been?
  • Sewing for family all over the place and sending it out
  • Question
  • Packing tape
  • You know I think if they can figure out a way to find the end of tape on a roll
  • That person should get a Noble Prize
  • Also been writing
  • When you can’t go anywhere in your body you might as well go somewhere in your head
  • Getting better at it I hope
  • Takes time
  • Things happen like a character showed up the other night
  • Where did this guy come from?
  • Not sure if I trust him
  • A hurdle for me is the bad stuff
  • I am personally not a murderer
  • But I am discovering my past life working with politicians is helpful
  • Best things of this year
  • Got to say it is this cat
  • A rescue we got on a whim
  • Also because one night when I was along four mice ran across the floor
  • They are long gone
  • My old damaged rescue dog Daisy
  • Freed from the puppy mill
  • And I am sure friendless most of her life
  • Has bonded to this cat
  • They play every night, sleep together, groom each other
  • When a miracle happens in your living room
  • You really have to pay attention
  • Down the street from me there is a giant magnolia tree in someone’s yard
  • What business does an extravagant magnolia have to do living in Nova Scotia?
  • When it blooms we can’t believe it
  • Does it know where it is?
  • The other day I was walking in the ice and snow and wondering when it would all end
  • I walked by that tree and noticed that it was covered in buds
  • Grey fuzzy bundles on its bare branches, like Pussy Willows
  • Is it supposed to do that?
  • But then I thought
  • That tree is adapting and it remembers
  • That the flowers of last summer
  • Are coming back this year
  • I mailed my last two packages yesterday
  • A pair of pants to one sister
  • ‘And four tops to another
  • Dropped off a cardigan to a granddaughter
  • Today I am going to see why this character showed up
  • And write a description
  • Of a press secretary who once yelled at me in a hall, backed me up to a wall
  • He might finally get what he deserves today
  • And he’ll never know
  • In my breaks I am going to start my summer sewing
  • For myself
  • Because when it comes
  • I need something new to wear

4 thoughts on “Flypaper thoughts Valentine’s Day version

  1. Attach a plastic bread clip to end of packing tape when finished using-easy to find end next time. Here in New Zealand they are what closes the bags that bread is sold in.


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