The return of flypaper thoughts

For new readers I should explain. Flypaper thoughts are a transfer from my old long running sewing blog. In them, I put the thoughts that pass through my head in no particular order.

And here we go

  • I took a pause
  • Honestly what a crazy couple of years
  • And at the end of it some insane maniac decides to play around with a world war
  • I mean most of us just want to walk the dog
  • In the middle of this my 94 year old mom moved into assisted living
  • There’s too many old people here
  • Nice apartment and she is safer but divesting a lifetime of stuff has been interesting
  • I have fabric I bought to make you a dress in 1972
  • Do you want it?
  • But so many bright spots
  • So happy with my writing
  • Finished my first novel and sending it out to edits
  • Very light but really
  • I am not that deep
  • So it’s a good match
  • Main objective was to make myself laugh
  • Also getting a small sewing book ready
  • Think I am going to keep writing those in short versions
  • Old dog has had the rest of her teeth out mostly
  • And is now officially deaf
  • Never been better
  • Her life revolves around the cat
  • Jumping around and playing with her
  • Grooming her and sleeping with her
  • It is a miracle
  • This old puppy mill mom has a baby back
  • Who would have thought this tiny rescue barn kitten
  • Would come in at the senior years of an old dog’s life
  • And heal her
  • Complete her
  • When Daisy goes out
  • The cat watches from the window and cries until she comes back in
  • The little stuff in life is actually the big stuff
  • Send that message to Europe
  • Visited my sons in the US
  • Just made avocado toast with chilli oil for breakfast
  • Yes I was in California
  • Wait my 3 year old granddaughter said when I was leaving
  • I have a present for you
  • A small pom pom and two goggly eyes
  • Just what I wanted
  • Went to Austin Texas to see another son
  • Volunteered while I was there at a creative recycle place
  • Spent a morning measuring and bundling fabric donations
  • Do you know what a selvedge edge is?
  • Yes I do
  • My mother saved our Barbie dolls
  • And knitted outfits made by an elderly aunt
  • About the only things that could fit on those bodies
  • Mohair stoles
  • Got a tattoo in Austin
  • Of course
  • Was drinking natural wine in a garden with my son and ran into a tattoo artist
  • Let’s do it she said
  • So I did
  • Tiny
  • The initials of my children and grandchildren on my wrist
  • So I can see them when I work
  • I almost wanted to tell her that when I was young
  • My dad and his friends thought pierced ears where “cheap”
  • I had a friend whose parents wouldn’t let her wear “silk stockings” until high school
  • But pretty sure that a wine bar in Austin was not a place where they would get that
  • But you smile to yourself
  • And think you should put this in a book

5 thoughts on “The return of flypaper thoughts

  1. How wonderful that you got to see your sons and grandchildren! What a happy moment. I hope your mom adjusts well to her new digs. And of course news of Miss Daisy and the cat is always most welcome.


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