About me

My name is Barbara Emodi, but those who know me best call me Babs. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my husband and the dog and cat who rescued us. Here I am near my daughter and three of my grandchildren, but I also travel a lot to stay close to extended family throughout Canada and the US. I have a son in Austin, Texas and a son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Berkeley California. I feel at home in both those cities too.

For many years I have had a double life, there, I’ve said it. In my public life I have been a journalist, a public relations prof., a political communicator, and a commentator on radio. In my private life I have been busy making all my own clothes, which I have done since I was twelve, and teaching a wide variety of sewing classes in Canada, the US, and Australia. As a sewist I am most interested in solving construction puzzles and writing about that process. I have a long running sewing blog and have published two books about sewing. You can find links to those books and that blog at the top of this page.

Often when I sew, I think of the people I have known and the stories I could tell. I have even wondered if I could write fiction. But then I’ve remembered all the speeches and columns I have written for politicians, and realized I already know how to do that.

So here we are. My name is Babs. 

I hope you enjoy my stories and let’s keep in touch.