Celebrating Christmas where they are

I have a hero. My daughter. My girl, now grown up with three kids of her own, is amazing. She herself has MS but in addition to running a Cracker Jack household she also studies, does research, and works full-time as a paediatric oncology coordinator. If your child has been diagnosed with cancer she’s theContinue reading “Celebrating Christmas where they are”

CRAFTING FOR MURDER: Gasper’s Cove Mysteries Book 1

So much catching up to do. On the personal front there have been many family events (new grandson in California and a month there to help), a 95 year-old mother who moved into assisted living in Winnipeg and then had to be nursed through Covid (recovered, amazingly). All very occupying but through it I haveContinue reading “CRAFTING FOR MURDER: Gasper’s Cove Mysteries Book 1”

What I like to write and read

I have been writing all year. I have one novel finished and am half way through another one. They are part of a mystery series called the Gasper’s Cove Crafters and set in Nova Scotia, in a setting much like my picture on the homepage of this site. It was a transition from writing non-fictionContinue reading “What I like to write and read”