Babs Emodi Author

I write mysteries for people who make things. Those who create can investigate. A sewing pattern, a knitting stitch, a missing person, a dead body––same skill set. I write about what I know, and a few things I have suspected.

I write mysteries for people who make things.

Clues, Christmas Trees and Corpses

Limited edition Christmas Cozy Anthology

release: November 1, 2021

Let it sew, let it sew, let it sew

by Babs Emodi

Introducing Valerie Rankin and the Seaside Sewists:

It’s almost Christmas in Gasper’s Cove, Nova Scotia. All Valerie Rankin wants is for a chance at a life of her own, for the snow to last, and for her dream of a sewing school to come true. But when murder steps into the picture, Valerie and the Seaside Sewists have no choice but to put down their holiday sewing and start detecting. It’s clear to them that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police need help and who is better qualified to uncover the secrets of Gasper’s Cove than they are? But once they start investigating, and it becomes clear the killer is someone they know, the Sewists realize that any one of them could be at risk. As the clock to Christmas counts down, the RCMP, the killer and even Valerie herself are about to learn to never underestimate the determination of women with seam rippers in their hands.

This is where the story begins …