Serial stories in the newsletter

In know this may be confusing but there are two different ways to keep in touch with me. One way is here in my blog where I post random thoughts (you have probably figured that part out) on life. Much of these is like the “Flypaper thoughts” I used to post on my now retired sewing blog. If you are reading this now there is a good chance you have signed up to be notified when I post something like that.

In a more formal way I also write a regular email delivered newsletter that focuses more on my writing and less on life. To receive that you will have to sign up on that link on the page. I decided to give people the option because I know some of you are less interested in book news or in receiving too many emails.

What might interest you though is that I have decided to write some stories in a serialized format and release those, chapter by chapter, to my newsletter subscribes as I write them. When these shorter stories are done I will ask my readers for help in naming them and then publish them officially.

It’s sort of a fun process too.

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