Flypaper thoughts

  • Would it ever occur to the makers of GPS units that an instruction “Go north on …street”
  • Is completely useless. If I was the kind of person who knew where north was I wouldn’t need a GPS would I?
  • I miss my dermatologist. He caught a couple of things that needed catching and always made it seem like a joke. Going to see him was like going to the movies. One time after a trip I had down south he had on a Make America Great Again hat on his head during the exam to make me laugh.
  • He died suddenly but sometimes when I have a thing to think about I say to myself what would Dr. Murray say now and I smile.
  • What an amazing contribution he made to the world.
  • Increasingly I think it is about the details.
  • The reason I write about Nova Scotia is because this place is entirely about the details, everything else goes to the back of the line.
  • My niece moved here from a huge city.
  • Everything here takes so so long she said. I had to wait an extra ten minutes in the grocery line up because the cashier had to tell the woman ahead of me how not to worry about her hysterectomy because this is how her own turned out.
  • They were strangers.
  • In a place where they don’t understand the concept of personal space.
  • My niece stayed and I made up Gasper’s Cove.
  • Reasons I married my husband #9004.
  • He took the oven window apart to remove the gunk that got caught between the panes of the glass on the front.
  • Who does that?
  • Of course he stood in the kitchen in muddy boots while he did it.
  • Marriage in one image.
  • In closing a picture of my old deaf, half blind now, puppy mill mom rescue dog asleep with her best friend, always looking out for her:

5 thoughts on “Flypaper thoughts

  1. Laughed out loud and treated up twelve seconds later. This message was an emotional massage for me. Thank you.

  2. I enjoy the light hearted words you write. I miss your view of the world. Be well, write many words…hugs. Judi

  3. Thank you for the glimpse of Miss Daisy! And of course of what’s going on with you.



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