What a couple of years this has been for the world.

Right now my husband and I are in Austin Texas visiting our youngest son. The last time we were here, having a lovely time in the RV at the state parks, we had to break camp and go home because Trudeau called all out of country Canadians back to the mother ship. He was worried about something called covid. There was even talk of the border being closed.

It was an odd trip back to Nova Scotia then. Some states we drove through were like ghost towns and other like nothing had happened.

Not to worry we thought then, three years ago, we’ll go home, sit tight, and wait for the vaccine. That will be that. Remember TB, remember polio? One shot and it will be over.

As we all know it was more complicated than that. And I don’t need to tell you, because we all know, that the world went a bit nutty after that, on many levels.

So this New Year’s, after that experience, and I enter a new year not knowing what it will hold. Fabulous things have happened in the last few years of course, but I no longer assume those to be guaranteed.

Which is why I want to share my favourite fact with you.

Here it is.

Do you know that Charles Darwin never did say that only the fittest survived?

Nope, what he actually said was that the most adaptable survived.

Which is why we still have algae and not dinosaurs.

It seems to me that the same is true for people.

No one’s life is without the unexpected challenges, and no one has all their dreams come true.

But the thing is, it is alway possible to adapt. To invent the detour yourself, to rig up a fix, to find the silver lining, to search out and capitalize on the opportunity in any crisis.

Being from the Maritimes I have always loved that old phrase, smooth seas don’t make for skilled sailors.


So this year I am not making any resolutions, stating any intentions, sending out to the universe whatever I want it to manifest for my own selfish self.

Instead I want to be nimble, to be adaptable, and to be the best, skilled sailor I can be.

That, will make a year worth remembering.

Take care


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