CRAFTING FOR MURDER: Gasper’s Cove Mysteries Book 1

So much catching up to do.

On the personal front there have been many family events (new grandson in California and a month there to help), a 95 year-old mother who moved into assisted living in Winnipeg and then had to be nursed through Covid (recovered, amazingly). All very occupying but through it I have been writing.

Writing, I have discovered, is a great way to rest your mind, particularly if you have somewhere to go like the fictional, but to me highly familiar, community of Gasper’s Cove Nova Scotia.

Also during this time I was contacted by the wonderful folks at C&T (who did such a good job with my sewing books) about publishing my fiction.

There is no other publisher I would like to work with, so we have reached an agreement. I will be writing a series about Valerie Rankin and the Gasper’s Cove Crafters, the first to be released in February and now available for pre-order from retailers like this one or this one (more to follow after publication).

I am already well into Book 2 and have others percolating in my brain.

Now here’s the thing.

When this first book was in its draft stage I put out a call for beta readers in my newsletter. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. The response however was amazing. I am still in awe of how many people helped out and I am so grateful for the useful comments and just general support and encouragement sent my way! The book above is a much, much better book because of the contributions of these readers, I just can’t thank you all enough. This experience alone made writing the book worthwhile.

And now this particularly busy part of my year seems to be settling down, I plan on blogging here every week.

I think we are just getting started.

Talk soon.


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