What I like to write and read

I have been writing all year. I have one novel finished and am half way through another one. They are part of a mystery series called the Gasper’s Cove Crafters and set in Nova Scotia, in a setting much like my picture on the homepage of this site.

It was a transition from writing non-fiction to fiction for me. but I am really enjoying it. I write about things I know and my characters are collected from my own encounters and experiences. When I sit down to write I go into a world that is very familiar to me.

But what I love most about writing is when I can make myself laugh.

Which brings me to what I like to read.

I have always read mysteries but am very specific about what I like. Here are my main criterion:

  • No awful violence. Don’t start with someone buried in a box underground, a child being abused, or a psychopath. Yes, I know this is all designed to grab my attention but the news is bad enough these days without choosing to read more of it.
  • Humour. Look, if it’s not funny I won’t enjoy it. Call me shallow. Call me someone who isn’t reading Tolstoy. I find life funny and like to see this reflected back in what I read. BTW I avoid any blurb that describes the main character as “snarky”. Snarky makes me tired.
  • A place that I don’t know a lot about. Recently I have become addicted to Icelandic TV series, mainly because I don’t know what it’s like to live in Iceland. Despite the cultural appropriation issues I enjoyed the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books because I know noting about Botswana (and I loved Jill Scott in the series). I like a bit of education thrown in. Set in rural Sweden? I’m in.
  • Authentic characters. I’m not a fan of characters who seem always good or always bad. People aren’t like that. Most of us are good at heart but have to work at staying that way. I like to get into a character’s head and understand why they feel the way they do. Some of my favourite series, Goldie Schultz in Diane Mott Davidson’s books, Kinsey Malhone in Sue Grafton’s, and the Spellman family in Lisa Lutz’s, are all about the characters for me. I was thinking, and having read each of these series in their entirety, I can tell you all about the main characters but can’t recall one single crime, one single mystery in any of them. What does that tell you?

Now what about you? What do you like to read and why?

My first book is getting closer to launch. If you are interested in a free advance reader copy please let me know and in return I would appreciate an honest review on the site of your bookseller of choice.

You can contact me at babsemod@babsemodi.com

In the meantime keep reading and stay in touch.


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