Flypaper thoughts cheer up edition

  • I know this is a funny title
  • But I have been noticing something and decided to speak up
  • A lot of folks when into their houses during Covid
  • And are staying there
  • Yes there is bad news
  • Terrible news outside of the front door
  • Which is exactly why it’s time we
  • Baked more jelly rolls
  • Fed more birds
  • Threw more balls to the dogs
  • Put a stamp on a card and put it into the mail
  • Wore something that is too young for us
  • Painted our toenails
  • Made a paper airplane and flew it across the living room
  • Sang a song out loud
  • Just to hear your own voice do it
  • Walk outside barefoot
  • Even in the rain, and let’s hope not snow
  • Buy a man flowers
  • I had a sort of an aunt
  • Who was a star of the dances at the beach during the war
  • She used to say
  • “You have to have your jazz band dancing”
  • There’s no app for that
  • Do something useless
  • Blow up a balloon
  • I have a theory
  • Actually I have many theories
  • You know that already
  • But so many sad things
  • The really big ones but the little ones too
  • Of these years
  • Has drained something away
  • But here’s the thing
  • We are our own batteries
  • What if we all released a bit out there
  • Like bubbles kids blow in the backyard
  • It’s about time
  • My aunt’s name was Bonnie

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