Flypaper thoughts, bird edition

  • There is no better sound than the rumble of a cat’s purr
  • Because she snuck into the bedroom and is in there with everyone else
  • So pleased with herself
  • Most nights she is put out
  • Because if we don’t get up when she’s ready at 4:00 am
  • She starts knocking things off the bedside table
  • My 94 year-old mother is now in an assisted living apartment
  • Too many falls at home
  • Still self-defined as a nurse
  • Grappling with the fact she’s not an administrator
  • Lots of old people in here she says
  • But don’t worry
  • I know how to talk to them
  • I am considering becoming an activist
  • What do you think?
  • Should I start sending emails for people to roll their eyes at?
  • A&W
  • Good organization and I drive the kids through there sometimes
  • Because they give a lot to MS
  • Which my high performing daughter, their mom, has
  • Back on topic
  • There is a Mama, Papa, Teen, Baby, Uncle, Grandpa and even a Buddy burger
  • So where’s the Grandma burger?
  • Or the Aunt?
  • Where are they I asked?
  • Who do you think is in there making the burgers said my middle granddaughter
  • 4,000 years of human history
  • Summarized
  • Don’t get me started on the fact that the coffee thermos my husband ordered for me
  • To match one a kid bought him and keeps coffee hot for 27 days
  • Well he ordered one for me too
  • In pink
  • Turns out it holds half a cup less
  • For the same price
  • When I have straightened out this burger issue
  • I’m onto them
  • Huge excitement around here
  • A pair of Blue Jays has decided to build a nest in the shutters beside our front door
  • The cat is exhausted
  • Nearly fell off the back of the couch
  • Couldn’t keep her eyes open
  • Maybe now she will sleep in
  • My husband installed a webcam so he can watch them all day
  • Everyday
  • Up close
  • Considering re-routing traffic to the back door out of respect
  • This is a project for everyone
  • My first novel is finished
  • Off to the editor and then I’ll put it out
  • A product of someone who sat in her chair with her dog
  • And made herself laugh
  • Writing fiction is a place for me to put things and people I have noticed
  • And enjoyed
  • I don’t like the idea of what I appreciated knocking around inside my head
  • Unacknowledged
  • In a month or so
  • If you are interested in receiving a free advance copy
  • In return for a review on the retailer’s site of choice
  • Let me know (
  • I can imagine the reviews now
  • This reads like it was written by a woman who sat in her chair with her dog all winter
  • Waiting for the bluejays
  • Which would be true

One thought on “Flypaper thoughts, bird edition

  1. You have no idea how much I enjoy these. Laughing at 0600 wondering why ai am awake. Also a retired nurse so I
    feel for your Mom. All the best to her.


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